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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

 Hope this little bunny makes you Smile :0)
Blessing to you and all the one's you love :-)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Inspiration of Spring for My Sweet Friends
Spring Blooms early in Georgia, we saw our first Blooming tree's and dainty daffodils recently and it put the mice and bunnies in the mood to bake some Spring Sweets
<3  love and sweetness to you from Sweet Petite Shoppe
First they had to go through all the mini cookbooks to find the perfect recipes

Tiny Bunny Cookies in Spring Pastels were first
Then an Easter Cake Set with Cupcakes and Cookies and Sweet Candy

A Pink Coconut Cake
Pastel Cookies
Easter Egg Cookies


                                    We also had some new Babies at Sweet Petite Shoppe
A Sweet Baby Bunny who fell asleep in a tea cup :0)
A Little Bunny Named Fleur
An adorable bunny named Lilla~Belle.  She loves to play with her paper dolls :-)
We are also very excited to introduce our first little Sheep.  Her name is Ivy
Isn't she sweet with her fluffy soft hair :0)

Spring is in the air! 
Blessings and Love to you all!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Miniature Inspiration

Today I thought I would share what it was that inspired me to the fall in love with Miniatures.
One day I was looking for ideas on how I could display my little needle~felts.  I just happened to stumbled upon a blog called :  Baking in Miniature  This is a Blog by Miniature Artist Roxanne Fern.  She also has an adorable shop on Etsy called Baking in Miniature
Her Photo's drew me in....
There was something so sweet and inviting about her work.
The colors were so soft and pretty
Looking at them... Inspired me.  It felt like a spark was Ignited inside of me.
I was amazed by her talent.  I kept thinking "How did she do that" lol  They are so tiny.. so cute :-)
That is where my love of miniatures was created in that moment of looking at amazement at Roxanne's Work and the Beautiful Bakery she had created.  I was compelled ( that is the best word to describe it) to create a bakery of my own :-)
She Inspired me! 

Since that time almost 2 years ago Roxanne and I have become friends.  I have purchased many of her beautiful miniatures and display them proudly in many of my photo shoots.
She amazes me to this day as she continues to create such unique and very detail pieces.
I still find myself saying quite frequently....  "How did she do that"

Yesterday I received the most Beautiful Miniatures from Roxanne
Now I use them in my very own bakery!!
This is a little set I put together for my next photo shoot, most of the pieces are Roxanne's. The little flowers were a sweet gift :-)
I sent her a picture of some miniature paper flowers and she created them for me That night!
"How does she do that" lol

She makes the sweetest little miniature cookbooks and recipe boxes in addition to many miniatures for a mini kitchen or bakery.  That little recipe box is filled with tiny recipe cards!  She goes above and beyond for realism.  See the little calendar in the back ground that is her's also :-)
I can't thank her enough for giving me the Inspiration to Create Miniatures.  You just never know who will inspire you... it is such a gift!  I have found such Love and Happiness in my Tiny Miniature World and a lot of Smiles :0)  Thank~you so much Roxanne!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweetness at Sweet Petite Shoppe

Baking  Day
Sweet Petite
Sugar adding a little Sugar

 Sweet Pea frosting a cookie
 A Sweet Petite Valentines Set

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine's Day at Sweet Petite Shoppe

 Sweet Little Lovey Mouse with Fairy Cakes
Funfetti Cake with Sweetness and Love
Looking forward to Valentine's Day at Sweet Petite Shoppe